Blue Fox Camp


A winter trip to Blue Fox is a true northern experience, requiring a bit of wilderness know-how, the right gear, and a snowmobile. Compared to a trip during the warmer months, it’s a bit more work. This rewards the more adventurous guest with an unspoiled winter paradise. Once arriving at Blue Fox after the snowmobile trip, guests can explore the area, or just relax in a warm cabin with a well-deserved cold beverage.

The ice-fishing season in the Blue Lake system is only open for one month, to ensure that not too much pressure is exerted on the trout. Although many guests come just for the great ice-fishing, a winter trip can also include:

  • Snowmobile trips
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • A shore lunch on the ice
  • A steam sauna followed by a run to the frozen creek

Contact us to book your winter trip.  Our team will help with planning, supplies, directions, and the required winter equipment to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable winter stay at Blue Fox.


Due to the possibility of severe weather conditions in the winter, its recommended that you take the necessary precautions when heading out of camp:

  • Travel with a partner
  • Keep a tow rope with you and use it to keep close to your partner if visibility decreases
  • Travel with a compass and know the direction back to camp
  • Carry an emergency supply kit consisting of food, a shovel, emergency blanket, first aid-kit, and signaling device
  • If you end up getting stuck in a blizzard far from camp with whiteout conditions, it’s usually recommended to stop travelling and hunker down until the storm passes. With severe storms, visibility can be reduced to zero and it’s very easy to become disoriented and lost.  Keep your group together, dig out a small shelter in the snow, and wait out the storm.