Depending on the type of vacation you are looking for, there are two accommodation options for your trip to Blue Fox. Blue Fox Camp is a full-service lodge which provides three home-cooked meals a day on the American Plan. Blue Fox Outpost is primarily fly-in only and with this comes the opportunity for complete solitude and an amazing wilderness experience. Read more about each accommodation option below.

Blue Fox Camp

Blue Fox Camp is located in middle of Kirkpatrick Lake on the south shore and is open from early May-June with full-time camp staff and a camp cook. In addition, a Housekeeping Plan is offered for fall fishing trips in September.

This is a full-service lodge with six guest cabins, a main cookhouse, wood-fired sauna, shower facilities, a boathouse, and a creek running through the middle of camp where rainbow trout come up to spawn in the spring.

At Blue Fox Camp we offer the popular American Plan exclusively during the May-June season, which includes three home-cooked meals a day.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the cookhouse leaving you free to fish, explore the area, or simply relax with a good book by the woodstove. Throughout the rest of the year, guests can utilize Blue Fox Camp on the Housekeeping plan.  This includes full use of the camp, boats, and facilities, but guests must cook their own meals and bring their own linen.

Each cabin comes equipped with a propane fridge/freezer, oven/stove and sink.  Guests can use these amenities to store drinks and snacks or to enjoy a coffee in their cabin first thing in the morning.  A woodstove and propane lights are also present in each cabin.

Blue Fox Outpost

Blue Fox Outpost is located at the east end of the lake and is primarily fly-in only, which provides an incredible wilderness experience for those people looking for some solitude. Access to the Outpost via ATV can also be arranged. This requires an ATV ride into Blue Fox Camp and a boat-ride down to the Outpost, leaving your ATVs at the lodge.
At the Outpost, guests cook their own meals in our fully stocked cabin and must bring their own linens. The main cabin has two kitchens, two woodstoves, four bedrooms (sleeps up to 12 people), shower facilities located close to the cabin, and a wraparound deck overlooking the lake with a BBQ. There is also a small guest cabin that can sleep 1-2 people.
The Outpost is ideal for a large group wanting to enjoy a true self-sufficient wilderness adventure. A rock point overlooking Blue Lake with a fire pit and picnic table is an ideal spot for a fire, fish fry and to enjoy the sunset.
Within a short walking distance of the Outpost is a scenic outlook giving you a view of the entire Blue Lake watershed. Another 15-minute hike brings you to the waterfalls, an old logging chute which is a great spot for fishing, swimming and a picnic.

A note on garbage, recycling, and glass bottles

The remote location of Blue Fox means great fishing, wilderness adventures, and solitude for all our guests.  Getting into Blue Fox is part of the adventure, but the one difficult issue is getting the garbage and recycling out from camp.

Garbage and recycling

Guests on the American Plan at Blue Fox from May-July will have garbage and recycling materials taken care of by our staff.  However, for guests on the Housekeeping plan at Blue Fox Camp or Outpost during the rest of the year, you must fly or take your garbage out with you.  A single bag of garbage left in a camp can attract bears, raccoons, and other animals, and can result in serious damage to a building.  Please remember to pack it up and take it out.

Glass bottles

In general, aluminum cans are recommended for your trip to Blue Fox.  Wine bottles are fine, this recommendation is mainly for beer and pop bottles.  A couple of broken cases of glass bottles can cause a large problem for everyone at camp which is why we're asking guests to try and bring in mostly aluminum or plastic containers.

Kirkpatrick Lake and Area Map