Family Trip Activities

Besides all of the activities you would expect at a wilderness lodge (fishing, swimming, hiking, exploring, canoeing) Blue Fox has a number of family-friendly sports and activities to keep everyone entertained, including:

  • A beautiful new dock to hang out on
  • An inflatable trampoline/lounger for enjoying Blue Lake
  • Sports, including volleyball, basketball, badminton, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee
  • A beautiful beach right across the lake from Blue Fox Camp
  • The main cookhouse to relax and socialize at night or to read a book or play games during a rainy day
  • A trip to the waterfalls at the east end of the lake

Family trip to Blue Fox Camp

Below is a film by Greg Allison, documenting our family's trip to Blue Fox Camp in the summer of 2015.  It really highlights all of the adventures and good times that can be had at Blue Fox Camp and also shows off the beauty of the area. Take a look and imagine the possibilities for your family trip to Blue Fox Camp.